Join Rotaract

The Rotaract Club of North Bay-Nipissing is always looking for new members. We are a dynamic group who is looking to grow and have a positive impact on our community. For more information about us visit our about page.



We are an easygoing group and only have a few requirements to join, if you want to read more about our by-laws please feel free to download them.


  • You must be 18-40 years of age

  • Payment of a $35 fee for the year (no matter when in the year you join)

  • You must be prepared to participate and get engaged- you don’t need to attend every meeting, but we do ask that you are active on our club’s members-only Facebook page and look for ways to contribute to the group in any ways that you can.

Now you might be wondering where does your 30 fee go? This covers our basic club costs such as website fees and what little is left we use to top up the amount raised at an event or give us a slush fund to pay for swag or upfront costs when planning an event.

Contact us to learn more.


P.O. Box 242 

North Bay, ON  


P1B 8H2