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The Rotaract Club of North Bay-Nipissing has three main pillars of activities – Events, Volunteering and Social Engagements. Due to COVID-19 most of our work has had to move online, which means that there may be changes in the future. We don’t think of this as a barrier, rather we consider this an opportunity to think creatively, start new projects and critically look at the way we currently fundraise. The club is always open to new ideas or ways to modify our current events.

Active Events (please click on each event to learn more):


Past Events




Throughout the year, the club gets together for some food, drinks and overall fun. Each social gathering is a little different, and we are always open to suggestions. In the past we have taken part in  Rotary District Conferences, which always results in a lot of fun, cruises on the Chief Commanda, holiday parties and back yard BBQs.

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