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Three Club Wine and Cheese Mixer

As you may have already read, the cost to join Rotaract is $30 a year. This just covers our basic club costs such as website fees. What little is left, we use to top up funds raised at events or set aside to use as a slush fund to pay for swag or upfront costs when planning an event. As you can imagine, $30 doesn’t leave us with a large slush fund. To help fill this gap, we used to host a wine and cheese mixer with the two Rotary Clubs in our city. Tickets were $10 each, which covered the cost of food and a door prize; the event had a cash bar. The proceeds from this event went to help our slush fund.

Beyond the practical benefits of hosting an event like this, there were social benefits too- these events provided us with an opportunity to see members from each club in person. This is an opportunity we don’t have often. The mixer helped with event brainstorming, identifying which projects our clubs could collaborate on, and making sure everyone had an overall good time.

Three Club_Wine & Cheese Mixer_Invite
Three Club Mixer
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